Q: Why Choose Lacey-Harmer Company?
A: It's simple - with over 20 years experience in manufacturing LASER BLAZER and TRUE LINE products, our highly skilled engineers have perfected our laser designs. Laser technology is synonymous with Lacey-Harmer Co.

Q: What is the difference between Diode & Helium-Neon lasers?
A: Essentially, both types of lasers do the same thing - provide a bright, crisp line that is highly directional and controllable. It's the way the light is produced that differs. Briefly, the Helium-Neon laser is a gas-filled tube that generates the red light. The Diode laser utilizes solid state technology and generates the red light from a wafer.

Q: Which laser is right for MY application?
A: After reviewing the specific differences, and models available, you will more than likely find the one you need. If not, we would be more than happy to help you in this process. A couple of key factors to note while trying to select the appropriate laser would be:
1. Specific Application - where will it be used?
2. How long does your line need to be?
3. How bright is the environment you will be using the laser in?
4. How much room do you have to mount the laser?
Having this information will help us recommend the correct laser for you if you need our assistance.

Q: How do I mount my laser?
A: We offer a universal adjustable mounting bracket for all of our lasers. The rugged cylindrical structure of the lasers also permits mounting in circular clamps, split-ring blocks, or similar hardware. Whenever possible, it's best to mount the laser so the line is reflecting towards the operator, to take advantage of the laser characteristics. It is also a good idea to mount it to the machine it is to be utilized on, somewhere between 3 to 7 feet above the working surface.

Q: Are there any dangers relative to the lasers?
A: There is nothing more dangerous about the red light versus any other bright light source. However, common sense applies. As with any bright light source, one should not stare directly into the light source, or it's reflection off of a shiny surface. There is absolutely no effect on skin, hair, clothes, etc.

Q: How long will my laser last / Is it repairable?
A: As we all know, trying to pinpoint an exact life for electronic equipment is nearly impossible. Taking into account the countless industrial environments and conditions the lasers are subjected to, we have come to expect on the average 5 years of trouble-free operation before any service is required. All of our LASER BLAZER and TrueLine products have been carefully designed to be completely repairable from end to end. In all instances, it is VERY cost effective to repair LASER BLAZER and TrueLine products versus replacing them.

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