Applications for the TrueLine Linemaker

 Metal Working
TrueLine Laser Linemakers are used within the metalworking industry to provide precision alignment of the material (metal plate or sheet) at the shear for precision cuts, at the brake for accurate bends and at the drill press for precision drill hole alignment, and for bandsaw and hacksaw cuts.

 Food Processing
The Food Processing industry uses the TrueLine Laser Linemakers to gain higher product yields. In the produce area, for instance, corn cobs are placed on conveyors equipped with TrueLine Laser Linemakers so precise and consistent cuts to length can be made by various cutting machines. Similar applications within meat, poultry and fish packing plants help to maintain consistent quality and appearance of product, while maximizing the yield.



 Stone, Marble, Masonry
and Tile
A number of natural stone and marble manufacturers use TrueLine Laser Linemakers for precision alignment of all their straight edge cuts. From the rough quarry cuts to the visual alignment of a finish cut, TrueLine Laser Linemakers assist in preserving a specific "pattern" or "color flow" within the material that is to be highlighted in the final product (i.e. table top, counter top or other architectural decoration). TrueLine Laser Linemakers are utilized for precision cutting alignment for manufacturing stone, masonry and tile.

  Log Cutoff
With a special small angle lens, the TrueLine linemaker provides a shorter, brighter line across the log to help determine cutoff lengths for savings of time and wood.



A TrueLine linemaker aligned with the bandsaw provides a guide to increase production and reduce wood waste by permitting a visual assessment for the operator.

 At the Headrig
The thin, brilliant line emitted by the TRUE LINE linemaker lets the sawer choose the optimum cutting line to get the most value from the log.



 On Optimizers
Leading brands of edger and trimmer optimizers combine the dependable TrueLine linemaker with scanners to measure cross sections, to detect feather edges, shear cuts, wanes and broken ends, and to provide other profile information necessary for fully-automated systems.

 Trim Sawing
Finding the best trim point is easy and fast with the help of the TrueLine linemaker's bright, distinct red line.



 Plywood Layup
Mounted above the spreader, the TrueLine linemaker provides a clean, sharp line to permit isntant visual assessment of key edges during layup. Normally used in conjunction with a mirror, the line is an important aid in the prevention of edge voids.

 At the Edger
This is where most lasers are used. Typically, the TrueLine linemaker will be mounted to move with the edger's shifting saws. This gives the operator a display of lines leading to a cutting decision which results in the least waste and improves the grade of the finished lumber.



 Gang Rip
Trim, cutoff or other resawing for furniture and similar wood manufacturing is simpler and more cost-effective with the aide of the TrueLine linemaker.

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