Solidly Built for Long Life

Proven performance over years of demanding duty has made the Laser Blazer linemaker the largest-selling laser for the forest products industries. It is built tough to withstand the shocks that go with sawmill machinery, yet is a precise optical instrument, with quality components throughout.

Versatile: The same basic instrument is available in models that project a dot or a line. Projection can be parallel or at a right angle to the housing. The line fan angle can be specified to suit the desired application.

Reliable: Hermetically sealed aluminum case encloses laser generator and optics within its 1/8-inch-thick (6.35mm) walls for isoliation from shock, vibration and contaminants. (Note: Any instrument of this type can be demamaged by excessive shock. The user is advice to exercise normal caution, especially during installation.) Solid state power system is not damaged by low voltages, and is protected from electical transients.

Easy to Use: Compact and lightweight, the Laser Blazer linemaker has a self-contained power unit mounted within the rugged aluminum housing. It may be plugged into any outlet of the rated voltage (optional voltages available).

Easy to Install: The optional universal mounting bracket simplifies installation for fixed or shifting systems. With the bracket fastened in position, the Laser Blazer linemaker can be aligned easily and quickly.

Accurate: Exclusive optical system produces a bright red line of constant width and uniformity that is unique to the Laser Blazer linemaker. Line is easily seen under normal conditions.

Low Operating Costs: Consumes less than 50 watts of power. Provides years of dependable service.

Performance Tested: Each Laser Blazer linemaker undergoes more than 250 hours of test operation at the factory to verify the integrity of components and construction.

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