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About Lasers...
"Laser" is an acronym formed from the first letters of the words "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." There are many kinds of lasers and they produce light which varies from the ultra-violet through the visible spectrum and up to infra-red. The higher power lasers generate heat and are used for metal-cutting, heat treating, welding and certain surgical procedures.

As a low-power source, the helium-neon laser provides intense, visible red light that is highly directional and controllable. Its directability and brilliance make it ideal for visual optimizing.

The TrueLine linemaker, a pioneer in the field of low-power lasers for the application in the forest products industries, produces a dot or a line. When this line of light is laid on a log, a cant, a board, or a plywood sheet, it is narrow and bright for its entire length. This gives the sawer an excellent reference line for his cut.

The high efficiency and modest cost of the TrueLine linemaker make it the obvious replacement for shadow-line equipment based on an incandescent light source. Its unique optics, ruggedness, portability and long life have made it the leading laser linemaker instrument now in use in the forest products and wood-working industries.

Some uses for the TrueLine linemaker include mounting on edgers, head rigs, trim saws, rip and gang saws, resaws, leveling of floors and ceilings, and positioning of overhead cranes for fast, safe and sure pickups and placements.

Any job requiring precise and accurate marking or positioning should be considered a candidate for the highly efficient optimizing made possible by the TrueLine linemaker.

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